Canyoning in Spain

Boutique hotel in Spain, Cases Noves in Guadalest (Alicante), offers you the opportunity to practice this fun activity that is now so fashionable, canyoning. Close to Cases Noves, we have 2 of the canyons used in the province of Alicante and normally carry water, in almost all seasons, so the activity becomes more fun if possible.

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 Canyoning in Spain is, in short, an ideal sport for all types of practitioners, with a little in shape and, especially, wanting to have fun, because canyoning in the Guadalest Valley combine, depending on the difficulty of the place, rappel, dizzying jumps, including zip line, and, if necessary, even a little diving. Perhaps this is why it is so successful because you will never makes two identical canyoning and because it can experience the same voyage, sensations characteristic of several adventure sports. It's like a multiadventure.

 In the Valley of Guadalest in addition we know of its existence, we can enjoy them, following the water and thus making a unique and exciting adventure that leaves a trace impression for the senses. The canyoning in the Abdet Mela, only 8 kms far from Guadalest and Estret de les Penyes in Bolulla just 15 Kms far from Cases Noves.


Important to consider:

  1. Order in advance.
  2. More informatión in Destino Guadalest