Ciclotourism in Spain

Now you can bring your road bike and enjoy our mountain roads and ports. Roads that are used every year by professional teams in Central Europe for preseason training. Roads that have already become classic stages in the Tour of Spain in their final at the Alto de Aitana.

Ciclotourism in Spain, Ciclotourism in Guadalest Valley, Alicante.

The CV-70 is a winding road, a road that rises slowly, where you can enjoy the scenery that offers you the Guadalest Valley and, the situation in our region, offers an optimal climate for the practice of cycling.

 Our roads are classics in the Tour of Spain in his rise to the top of Aitana, passing by the CV-70 and Confrides Port. They are also used year after year by teams of professionals europa center that you can see in the Tour of France.

 Not only have the CV-70, just a few kilometers from Cases Noves, you have the ports: The Coll de Rates, Tarbena, Tudons, Benifallin, miles and miles for your legs, and always enjoying with unique meteorology to practice our favorite sport.

Important to consider:

  1. You can keep your bike in Cases Noves.
  2. Routes information.
  3. Advisable all year round.