Via Ferrata Ponoch

Boutique hotel in Spain, Cases Noves in Guadalest, gives you the opportunity to ascend to Ponoch (Polop) through one of the highest via ferrata in Valencia Region. We offers you the best monitors in the area to join you in this challenge that you have at hand and only 8 kms far from Cases Noves.

Via Ferrata Ponoch, 8 kms far from Cases Noves, boutique hotel in Spain.

 They say that from up high everything looks different: you can catch glimpses of paradise unseen from below and, with the world at your feet, you can experience thrills that can only come from on high. Via ferratas are vertical pathways that are not quite climbing routes but certainly come close – the difference being that they are equipped with steps and safety cables.


Important to consider:

  1. Order in advance.
  2. More informatión in Destino Guadalest