Font del Pi - El Sanxet - El Salt

This hiking trail in Alicante, runs through the area south of the Sierra de Aitana, mostly along the southern slope, passing through the "Barranc del Arc and El Sanxet". Incredible beauty of its panoramic views and lush forests, especially "Sanxet" area and "El Salt". You go through a Buddhist community in "El Sanxet", so caution should above all respect. This trail is possible to do in about 3 hours.

Hiking trail in Alicante (Spain): Font del Pi - El Comptador - Sanxet - El Salt

With a vertical drop of 712 meters and a distance of 14 km, is a moderate path. This vertical drop is divided into a series of increases and descents, so that makes it bearable. 100% goes to the forest road and trail, where the panoramic and lush forests of Mediterranean pine will accompany us throughout our walk.

 Do not forget that in your stay in Cases Noves will give you a detailed sheet with all the information and you also have at your disposal maps of Guadalest Valley.

Important to consider:

  • circular trail
  • Trail distance: 14.3 kms
  • Accum. height uphill: 712 m.
  • Minimun height: 672 m.
  • Maximun height: 939 m.
  • Duration: 3’30 hrs.
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Ask for map of Guadalest Valley