Malla del Llop - El Castell

This hiking trail in Alicante, is situated in the Serrella Mountains. A tour lasts 16 kms, but will be rewarded with breathtaking views from the two summits: The Malla del Llop (1361 mts) and El Castellet (Morish castle) de Castell de Castells (1040 m). It is advisable to carry water, since according to the season we can not find fonts. The climb through the gorge of La Canal, is really impressive. A hiking that you can do in about 6 hours.

Hiking trail in Alicante (Spain): La Malla del Llop - El Castellet (Serrella Mountains).

This hiking trail in Alicante, has a cumulative altitude of 1221 meters, so its only 16 km, makes it a tough road, demanding our physical level. We two peaks, but most of the drop is on the first ascent of the Malla del Llop. 90% goes to the forest road and trail, there is only one small piece at the beginning and final of asphalt trail. The views from the both summit are spectacular.

 Do not forget that in your stay in Cases Noves will give you a detailed sheet with all the information and you also have at your disposal maps of Guadalest Valley.

Important to consider:

  • Circular trail
  • Trail distance: 16,5 kms
  • Accum. height uphill: 1221 m.
  • Minimun height: 349 m.
  • Maximun height: 1361 m.
  • Duration: 6 hrs.
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Ask for map of Guadalest Valley