Traditional Menu - María de Colón

Do you know what the best kept secret of Guadalest is?


Back in the 16th century a very special citizen, María de Colón, granddaughter of the renowned pioneer Christopher Columbus, walked through its streets.  We do not know for sure how María ended up in this small town in Alicante, but we like to imagine that, as heiress to one of the most important adventurers in history, María inherited her grandfather's passion for adventure and travel, and that in one of her innumerable adventures, she passed through Guadalest and fell in love with the beauty of the valley and the imposing castle of San José, majestically crowning the top of the town's rock.


María was walking through Guadalest’s narrow streets when she met the man who would become the love of her life, the Marquis Sancho Folch de Cardona.  The now restored Casa Orduña was where they lived and where they entertained the most illustrious and famous people of the time, delighting them with Alicante's culinary delights, made in their kitchens with fresh produce that the inhabitants of the valley passionately cultivated in local orchards and fields.


Many of the customs and culinary tastes of the time have endured to this day. Our streets keep the memory of the passage of time revealing a past and a history which revolves around our fields and our gastronomy. Nothing does more to help us appreciate the history and beauty of this Mediterranean mountain range than savouring some of our most traditional dishes, made with recipes and produce that have been proudly passed down from generation to generation, creating a link between its descendants that distorts the concept of time like the beginning of a good love story.


At Venta Guadalest we are very proud to offer you the opportunity to taste the most traditional cuisine of the Alicante lands because we believe that María would have liked to offer it to you, in her home, with the products of the orchards of the valley and the passion and discoveries of a great explorer.



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