Guadalest or why stay in rural apartments if you are a mountain bike lover

Guadalest or why stay in rural apartments if you are a mountain bike lover

Speaking of the Guadalest Valley is the same as talking about experiences in a privileged natural environment, but also the possibility of practicing sports in a space that seems designed for it as mountain biking. A panorama that is completed with the lodging in rural apartments for being the icing on a getaway where the contact with the natural is expressed in its maximum power.

Being at home but far from it, in a unique setting in the mountains of Alicante, with unique views and in the middle of nature is the plan that we propose with the practice of this discipline only suitable for lovers of mountain bikes, eager to new scenarios where there is no shortage of incentives for an adrenaline rush.

Rural apartments and a fast-paced scenario, the binomial for lovers of mountain biking

Forest tracks, strong slopes and trial routes are some of the features of this proposal for your next trip if your mountain bike is your best company and if, of course, strong emotions fall within your plans. It is no coincidence that this natural scenario of Alicante is the place chosen by many European teams for their training.

An irresistible and exciting proposal that you can enjoy alone, in family or with friends, but at any time of the year for the benefits of the temperature of the area. The Guadalest Valley and the mountains that surround Benimantell, Aitana, Serrella or Xortà are always a good idea for the most demanding cycling, with routes of different difficulties.

If until now everything seems irresistible, what can you say if you can add the perfect accommodation for a getaway of this kind where sport and relaxation are inseparable? The rural apartments in Guadalest become the perfect accommodation in particular. All the comfort at the height of your most exciting getaway.

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